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Community Radio in India: Present Status

Community Radio in India: Present Status (August, 2014)

Community radio station is a crucial communication tool in India, where participatory democracy plays a vital role in overall development. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has simplified the process of obtaining licenses so that a number of CRS can come up with the motto of promoting voices and issues of the communities. As of 11th August 2014, there are 171 operational Community Radio stations in India, operating from different parts of the country, catering to diverse communities and under different situations. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has received a total number of 1448 applications so far since 2004 and issued the Letters of Intent (LOI) to 398 organisations.

Community Radio Sammelan 2014
However, only 202 radio stations were signed Grant of Permission Agreement (GOPA) for setting up of community radio stations in the country.  As per latest reports from the Ministry, a total of 282 applications seeking permissions to set up community radio stations are kept under consideration and rejected 713 number of applications.  A total of 91 applicants were cancelled their Letter of Intents (LOIs) by the Ministry for violating clause 3(b) (iv) of the Policy Guidelines for setting up of Community radio stations in India which states that the eligible applicants should apply in the prescribed format and with the requisite fee to the WPC Wing for frequency allocation and SACFA clearance. 

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  1. Very informative and up to date blog. since the number of rejection is so high can we study the causes of rejection it could be nice guide book for others. nice effort dada keep it up

  2. This content is written very well. Your use of formatting when making your points makes your observations very clear and easy to understand. Thank you.


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