Sunday, October 12, 2014

Defining 'Community'

Defining the term community is a complex concern, with various diverging perspectives and outlooks. How can we define the term 'community' in a simplest yet most comprehensive way? As we try to understand the term with a slightly different approach it’s observed ‘community’ comprises of two distinct yet intricately imbibed phrases- Commons and Unity (Common(s) + Unity = Community)  

Commons, simply refers to people or masses, and unity stands for the state or feature of being one, uniformity, being in accord, harmony with one another or towards a particular cause. So, Community is a group of people with unification of some specific genre, may be geographical, political, economic, cultural, identity real or virtual. For example, a Facebook or other social network’s community is a virtual community. Similarly, the concept 'C3' finds its bases primarily on geographical community. But it may also be identified with socio-cultural identity!


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